Virtual House Staging: Selling a House with a Visual Potential

In the world of real estate, the first contact between the listing and the potential buyer is the photograph of the house that is selling. In this era of advanced technology, the first thing the potential buyers do is starting their search online. Then they look for several options that are suitable to be their future dream house according to the conditions they have predetermined. Factors that will influence their decision are the price, the location, the size of the house and, of course, the potential it has. In order to show them the potential, the house has realtors use the technique virtual house staging that transforms each place in a dream-like future home.

Virtual Home Staging

Virtual house staging is a visual representation of how the rooms can be designed. It is a technique that includes work by virtual staging designers who use advanced software to digitally change the photo of the vacant space in the house. The process of obtaining virtual staged rooms begins with the realtor who needs to send photos of the vacant space of the room and specify what furniture and decorative details they want in the rooms.

Next step is the designer doing their magic with the vacant space by adding the furniture digitally and placing it to get a perfectly styled room according to the preferences of the realtor. They will also add other decorative elements like accent pieces, lighting fixtures, pillows, cushions, and personal possessions that will create a much more welcoming atmosphere and home-like feeling.

In addition, the designer can create several versions of the same room, styled in different designs. Hence, the realtor can have digitally enhanced photos of the room in Scandinavian design, Mid-century design, urban, industrial, rustic, romantic or any other design they wish so that they hit different target groups of potential buyers and showcase the different potential of the house.

One thing that must be cleared and not be used as a tool for disapproving the efficiency of this technique is that it doesn’t trick the potential buyers to think that by buying the house they get everything inside. Realtors have to emphasize the fact that this is just virtual house staging and it only shows the options what can be done with the house, or simply to wake up the creativity of the buyer and eventually their ability to use some of the ideas. 

All in all, virtual house staging is a great realtor’s asset because it is time-saving, energy-saving and most importantly – money-saving. Compared to the traditional house staging, it costs about 90% less as the realtors pay for the service from 30$ and above per photo whereas the traditional house staging might cost thousands of dollars for renting the real furniture and stagers, trucks and additional services.


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